How does it work?

The programme is designed in a way that you can follow it on-line in an independent way. You can dedicate some time (we recommend 15 minutes at least) carrying out activities, participate in forums or write your personal diary/logbook whenever you have access to internet at anytime, at anyplace.

The programme is made of blocks, which include various core activities to carry out. These activities represent the didactical foundation of the programme. You advance in the programme while completing the activities. This means that you won´t be able to access the next block before completing the previous activity.

Although these activities are important, keep in mind that the learning experience is predominantly focused on experience. This means that parallel activities which will be offered to you besides the core activities, are equally important, since they will help you transfer the acquired knowledge, techniques and skills into your family context throughout the programme.

This programme is not of academic nature. We do not wish to overflow you with too much tasks that would take up too much of your time. Neither do we want to test your knowledge, nor evaluate your acquired skills to find out if you “pass” the course.

Being a parent is in itself a very difficult task and we don´t want to add to its difficulty. We want you to learn new skills which you can apply in your family in a most comfortable, flexible and fun way!