The “Positive Parents” Programme is divided into modules that you can complete individually, according to your needs and circumstances. If you want to know more about the modules we offer, you can look it up in the “The Programme” section.“The programme”.

Each module consists of 4 sessions that deal with different aspects of the content of the module. For example, in the module on child´s behaviour, there is a session dedicated to frustration. All the activities in this session are aiming for you to find out different types of frustration and why they are important for your child´s development.

Each session includes 6 core activities. As explained before, these activities form the didactical basis for each session. While completing them, you will expand your knowledge about its content.

The activities in each session are always structured in the following way:




1 Introduction Introduces the topic of the session.
2 Observation and analysis With these activities you will gradually acquire new knowledge, and deepen it with contrasting your point of view with other participants.
5 Remember With a simple evaluation test you will be able to check your level of assimilating the concepts learnt in the session and to consolidate them.
6 Commitment The aim is to achieve a commitment to effective change that will help you to apply the acquired knowledge within your personal circumstances.

Together with these core activities, you will find resources and parallel activities of more experiential nature. One of these is a session´s forum. In these forums you will be able to share your thoughts and opinions with the trainers and supervisors of the programme as well as with other parents. It is advisable to participate regularly in forums, as you will be able to get to know other useful experiences and ideas related to the theme of each session.

You will also have the possibility to view and complete a personal diary/logbook which will be filled in partly by some of your answers to the questions within the activities and will help you to monitor your progress during the participation in the programme.

The commitment activities are of social nature. Some of these tools can be used to create useful material in your family environment and will serve as proof of your commitment to change. You will also have a chance to share these tools with your family and friends. These tools are very user-friendly, therefore we suggest you use them together with your children.

Last but not least, we would like to stress that these activities have been designed to be user-friendly. There will be no long and incomprehensible texts, difficult or insolvable problems, nor will you find tedious tasks that would take up too much of your time to complete. There will be no required minimum objectives, nor notes to pass the course. In short, we do not wish to look like a school or academic environment where the required level is set by us. We only wish to find out to what extent the programme is helping you effectively progress in the changing process you have undertaken.