FADE group

FADE is a research group at a University of La Laguna, at the Department for Developmental and Education Psychology, which develops intervention programmes for psycho-educational support to promote a more peaceful and positive family life. Our objectives are focused on the improvement of parent-child relationships, to help parents adopt a positive approach in their role while transmitting cultural values and to bear in mind that children should be treated with respect and love in order for them to grow up into happy and socially responsible beings in a natural manner.

Grupo Educar en Positivo

The programmes designed by FADE are focused on the promotion of development of children and parents alike in their parental role. It is equally important for this group to make the participants of the programmes reflect upon the consequences of their acts and behaviour and of their education in a practical way. It is essential to support the tasks of being a parent from a positive perspective, as a way to improve their social support and the satisfaction of the needs of the family.

We have been working quite some time on the psychosocial support for families with various educational programmes for parents, as for e.g.: "Crecer felices en familia", "Vivir la adolescencia en familia", "Crecer felices.Programa domiciliario" y "Aprender juntos.Crecer en familia".

Since last year we have been working on the on-line programme “Positive Parents”, to support parents in their parenting role, as well as establish a context of shared experiences.



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