Am I interested in this programme?

If you are reading these pages it is because you want to improve the coexistence in the family and to support your children as much as possible in giving them a happy, healthy life and good habits and behavioural norms that prepare them for the future. But you don´t want to be told what to do, you don´t want to be expected to do the impossible or to be overwhelmed by too much advise.

You are looking for something within your possibilities, something that would allow you to learn and at the same time analyse what you already do in your family environment and to better understand the people around you. If that is what you are looking for, then this programme is perfect for you!


Frequently asked questions...

  • "I don´t have enough time to dedicate to this programme..."
  • The activities we offer can be carried out in 10 minutes each and can be done whenever is most suitable for you.
  • “I am not at school anymore, I don´t want any homework....”
  • The activities are not homework, but an opportunity to reflect upon your everyday life and to draw consequences on where and how to improve it.
  • “I am no good with computers…”
  • The "Positive Parents" programme is designed in a way that you can follow it naturally step by step without finding it complicated.
  • “I don´t want to talk about my life with strangers...”
  • The opinions and thoughts you expose within this programme will be confidential, except those that you yourself wish to share with other parents.
  • “I don´t think this will change my habits…”
  • Surely change depends on you and your conviction on the advantages of adjustments you are willing to adopt in life for the benefit of your family.

What do users say?

At the beginning I thought that following a programme on the internet would be very complicated and that I would find out things that I, as a mother, already know.

But after finishing the first module I realized that I could improve a lot of things at home.

Alba Martinez

Santa Cruz de La Palma, La Palma

It is not a typical programme that fills your head with expert information and facts that have nothing to do with real life.

I recognized myself in many of these situations and if I did not experience them personally I could identify myself with other parents. An interesting experience that makes you understand your family life much better."

Luis Santana

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

It is natural that the programme does not solve all your problems, but it shows the way to find your own answers.

Zebenzui Marrero

La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife