Module 5

Eating habits and health: a challenge for the family

Eating habits are crucial for all human beings, especially during early childhood, adolescence and old age. Therefore, parents play a fundamental role in healthy eating habits of their children. It does not only mean to give them the necessary nutrients that contribute to a healthy development, but also to promote healthy eating habits, balanced diet and the love for healthy food. All this can be best achieved in the family environment.

We have to bear in mind that an adequate nutrition allows our children to grow up into strong and healthy beings, but it also prevents the appearance of certain type of illnesses, especially during early age. The quality of life, therefore, depends on people´s eating habits, and in case of children it depends on the education and example they receive from their parents during family meals.

In this module we offer information on foods that are most suitable for a child´s diet and the best way to organize them in order to provide our children with a healthy and balanced diet at home and outside home to stimulate their growth and prevent possible future diseases.


Did you know...

  • One in every four Spanish children is obese. 1
  • A healthy way of life requires a healthy diet and physical exercise. 2

According to the data from Thao Child Health programme in 2009-2010.

Sánchez Benito, José Luis (2009) “Efectos del ejercicio físico y una dieta saludable”, Revista Nutrición Clínica y Dietética Hospitalaria, volumen 29, número 1, páginas 46-53.


To discover properties of the nutrients and why they contribute to our health.

To analyse eating habits out of our control outside our homes.

To reflect upon the difference between health and obesity.

To establish healthy eating routines, suitable for the family.

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This module is designed for parents that wish to expand their knowledge on a healthy family life and to analyse and improve their children´s diet at home and elsewhere to stimulate their development.